Back on Track Research & Reviews

Back on Track Research & Reviews

I feel great! I’m getting back in to my clothes and am so thankful that I took your Back on Track class. I had lost 3more pounds when I weighed this morning!!! That makes17 pounds in 5 weeks. I’m so thankful and thrilled!

M. Meador Union, SC

Brings to the forefront the importance of understanding our own bodies in all aspects, emotional, physical, etc.

L. Lopez Austin, TX

Absolutely fantastic! Valuable education, materials, support networking and reference

J. Nolan Providence, RI

What professionals are saying:

Very essential part of a bariatric weight loss process. This will greatly enhance our current program.

Rhonda Hebert, BS, CRC Lafayette GMC Lafayette, LA

Valuable, well prepared materials. Great program.

Sheenagh King, RD, LD Obesity Solutions Gainsville, GA

Excellent job on how this is put together. Very well organized. I see many ways to use this in our program.

Brenda Holliday Tallgrass Weight Loss Solutions Topeka, KS