Bariatric Patients

Weight loss surgery provides a remarkable tool for losing weight, but keeping it off takes new knowledge, understanding, support, encouragement and a lifetime commitment to good habits. Since 2000, BSCI has specialized in providing long term education and support for weight loss surgery patients. Our team of bariatric patient professionals are committed to helping you not just reach but maintain your weight loss and health goals. Our programs are researched based, time and people tested, designed for new, veteran and struggling patients. Learn more about each program by clicking below. 

Researched-based, surgeon recommended. Learn what successful patients know. Books, Classes, Workshops, Webinars & eLearning. Learn More
Even the most committed and successful weight loss patients sometimes lose focus, slide off track, and feel out of control. When that happens it’s time for a Bariatric R.E.S.E.T. Learn More
For those struggling with weight regain or an extended plateau. Find the structure, support and motivation you need in this program. Join a class or commit to a self study program. Learn More