Introduction to Coaching Skills Course

If you are currently working with bariatric patients, or hope to, we encourage you to participate in this exceptional course – “Introduction to Coaching Skills” offered by the dynamic bariatric coaches from Bariatric Wisdom. This course is required for BSCI Licensees and Instructors.

This telephonic course is designed to provide bariatric professionals and the bariatric support community an experience with the skills necessary to “coach” bariatric patients throughout their weight-loss journey and beyond. This course is designed to enhance the effectiveness of those working within the bariatric community either in a group setting or with individuals.

This is a Introduction to Coaching Skills Course program and has been approved by Taylor College for 30 CEU’s.The following coaching skills will be presented during the course of Introduction to Coaching Skills. Coaches shall be able to demonstrate the following competencies:

  1. Three levels of listening.
  2. Questioning techniques for the spoken and unspoken.
  3. The ability to generate options, invite to new challenges
  4. Encourage bravery, challenge, inform, reframe, and intuit and define the client’s agenda at all times.
  5. Be detached and free from judgment regarding any and all outcomes of any coaching session.
  6. Act from the assumption that all clients are whole, creative and resourceful.
  7. Maintain focus on client’s agenda, process, time line and accountability.

January 2018 Course

Learn more course requirements, dates & times and investment at  Bariatric University or email Sue Lassetter at [email protected]